“I’ll wait for you, my dear. Don’t worry”


Your words… are so precious.

I don’t mind hearing the same thing everyday

as long as it is  from you.


“I’m fine. Don’t worry about me, okay? I’ll for wait you here”


I always want to hear your voice. It makes me feel secured.


“Hey, you can do it! Don’t be nervous. God is with you. Okay? I’ll wait for you here. I promise”


You always make me feel that I can survive everything as long as I am with the Lord.


“You know what, I always thank God for having you. I always thank Him for giving me my very own “Eve”. I didn’t I ask Him to have someone like you because I know myself. I’m not worthy. But He’s indeed a great God who loves me unconditionally that despite of me, being unfaithful to Him, He remains faithful to me. I will always thank Him for using you as an open door to have my relationship back with Him. Always remember that I’m always here for you, huh? Together with God, we wil endure everything together no matter how hard it is”


I’m out of my words. My heart’s crying right now. Crying because of so much joy.


“Hey, Don’t cry. I will always be with you. I will always wait for you no matter how long it is. Now, I will be able to check and see you 24/7 together witht the Lord. I’ll wait for you there, my Love. See you in God’s Kingdom.I love you so much”



…. See you soon, my Love. Wait for me there, okay? 😊




Let me tell you something…

I always chase “him”

I always look for “him”

I always love “him”


I keep on running

I keep on searching

I keep on caring


“Always” and “Keep” are my words


“I will always be here for you”

“I will keep on loving you…”


But one day, you left me…

you left me crying

you left me hanging

you left me without saying anything


“I want to die…” I told myself

“No one loves me, and in fact, no one will ever will”

“I should end my life”


I was about to stab myself with a knife when suddenly, I heard a voice..


“I love you. I’m always here for you.” 


“Hahaha. I’m definitely hallucinating” I uttered


“I love you. You are worthy. You are a princess. Please don’t do that” 


I unconsciously dropped the knife that I was holding


He hugged me.

His hug was different.

It made me cry… so much


“If I am worthy, then why did he left me? Why am I alone? Why am I not happy?!” it was no longer I saying these words… it’s my heart, speaking.


“My dear, it is because he’s not for you. There’s someone  better for you. There’s someone looking for you. You are worthy. You are a treasure. A treasure more valuable than any silver or gold. You are not alone…I’m always with you since the beginning. I know everything about you. I know your favorite food, I know your favorite song, I know that you are always crying whenever your parents are fighting. I know you. I know you are hurt right now. I know you are seeking for love. I know that. I know you… Open your heart my love. Open your eyes. Open your ears. Let me heal all your wounds. Let me come inside your heart”

“Please fix my broken heart… I can’t do this anymore. I’m tired of everything… I’m tired with my life”

“Just trust me, my daughter. I will help you. I will do it for you. I will never leave you.I will always chase you. I will always protect you. I will always take good care of you.  I will always run after you. I will never get tired of you. I will strengthen you. Just trust me. I love you, and I always will”  


These words… HIS words…  “HIM” not him.


He calms the raging sea in me…


Thank you so much Father GOD for loving me unconditionally.

I love you.




#Draft hahaha








“Ayaw ko na. Tama na. Tigil na.”

Mga katagang paulit-ulit kong sinasambit

Mga bagay na nais ko ng makamit


“Hirap na Hirap na ako. Pagod na ako. Hindi ko na kaya.”

Sa mata ng iba, aking landas na tinatahak ay madali

Lingid sa kanilang kaalaman ang bawat hikbi sa aking mga gabi

Pusong pumapalahaw na nawa’y lahat ng sakit ay tuluyan ng mapawi


“May pag-asa pa ba? May darating pa ba? May nakakaalam ba?”

Bagamat Sakit ay pilit paring tinatago sa liblib

Hinagpis ng damdamin ay tuloy sa pagliyab

Sa araw-araw ito’y bumabagabag


“Nais ko lamang gumaling. Nais ko lamang mawala ang karamdamang ito. Nais ko lamang mawala ang karamdamang unti-unting pinapaikli ang oras ng pagtibok ng aking puso”